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WildLife Wanted by you, WildLife wanted to catch – Wild gesoek om te koop deur jou of om te vang deur wild vangers.

Any wildlife wanted, please let us know. Also where you have animals available for us to catch, give details and/or a call.

With plenty of WildLife teams wanting animals to catch, we’ll have most of South Africa covered, so if you have wildlife to sell, please let us know: Where, what and how many.

Ons behou reg van toegang.


Many people want small amounts of game, and it would be impossible to supply someone with 2 springbuck a thousand kilometers away. So please email us with the animals wanted/supplied and we’ll match the AREA where these animals are needed. If you have something available, please let us know and we’ll get someone close to you that want to buy the game/wildlife/animals.

Please supply your name/telephone number and area


Marco Claassens 

(074) 766 8497


The Wildlife Team – South Africa


The most popular question we get is, HOW MUCH?

As in: How Much do I get for my animals if a team comes and catch them. 

Terms and Conditions always apply – get a copy before you talk any further to any capture team. Then you can ask all the right questions. (This is a business deal, let your lawyer have a look). Just 1 thing, if you too full of kaka(totally unreasonable), you’ll end up with no-one willing to catch or buy your animals.

Also important: When do I get paid? What if an animal dies? Insurance?

Terrain and ease of the catch will have a impact on the amount per animal. The time the chopper spends in the air to bring the animals in, that is the expensive part. Ground teams. More animals per farm, better prices……..




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A very common dilemma: If you KNOW that a specific specie went for HUGE prices on the last auction and you want Auction Prices. The prices will adjust because of supply and demand, that is a given. What can happen in these cases, your animals are pre-sold at a higher price(via yourself, agent or capture team) and only then the team capture the animals.  OR take your animals to an auction and try for the same prices yourself.


More info on the form to the right – please give Area/Tel number/ Name and Email plus which animals you have/want.




Any and all exotic animals are also welcome – if you have any, please contact us.



For 2021 season: With the end of the financial year every year, we have need for about any animal you can think of. Since the season for wildlife movement are not open yet at Jan/Feb, most of these deals are pre-paid wildlife deals. (With the exception of some special translocation allowed by the Nature Conservation people that time of the year).



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