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CountrySouth Africa


Trophy shoulder mounts for sale from South Africa:

Thank you for looking at the WildLife4Sale Network. With Trophies and every other Mounts available in South Africa being sold by private as well as taxidermy, we hope you find what you are looking for. This page is the main category page, with no actual trophies available, please PRESS the search button below to give you all the Trophies we have for sale and any reference to Trophies within these classifieds.


Trophies - Trofees


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  • Animals below this line were available before and are no longer available:

All previous prices removed.



Shoulder Mount / Full Mount Collection for Sale

1 x Black Backed Jackal




1 x Eland Shoulder Mount (RW)




2 x Gemsbuck (Oryx) Shoulder Mounts




1 x Shoulder Mount Blesbuck




1 x Ground Pedestal Giraffe Shoulder Mount




1 x Full Nyala Wall Mount (RW)




1 x Pedestal Zebra Shoulder Mount




1 x Shoulder Mount Blue Wildebeest




1 x Shoulder Mount Waterbuck



Uncollected trophies and stock item prices.
All these mounts were done by Veterinary approved Taxidermies.

Skins and full mounts also available – please let us know.

Before you buy, we’ll send you a photo of the actual animal you will receive – and you need to OK it. The prices quoted are in South African rand for the actual trophy and excludes vat(14%). Sales subject to permits being issued to your country.
Add 10% for crating fees(Which will be for all overseas items).

For International buyers: With an exchange rate of 1 USD to 10 ZAR (South African Rands) at the end of 2013, you already gained an advantage as we are not going to increase the price just because the Rand is weak. (We sell to the South African market directly at these exact same prices – luckily we save the international shipping costs here locally.).


photo of Buffalo trophy shoulder mounts for sale

photo of Buffalo trophy shoulder mounts for sale


Taxidermy Trophy mounts for sale SHOULDER
 Prices: On request – confirm stock 1st ZAR excl vat
AARDWOLF shoulder mount = Sold
BABOON shoulder mount = Sold
BARBARY SHEEP shoulder mount = On Request
BLESBOK / BONTEBOK shoulder mount = R1,900
BUFFALO shoulder mounts = SOLD OUT
BUSHBUCK shoulder mount = Sold
BUSHPIG shoulder mount = Sold
CHEETAH shoulder mount = None available
DASSIE shoulder mount POA
DUIKER BLUE / SUNI shoulder mount = Sold
DUIKER COMMON shoulder mount = Sold
ELAND shoulder mount = Sold
FALLOW DEER shoulder mount = Sold
FOXES shoulder mount = Sold
GEMSBOK / Oryx shoulder mounts ONLYSold
GENET CAT shoulder mount POA
GIRAFFE shoulder mount – 1 only Sold
GRYSBOK shoulder mount = Sold
HARTEBEEST shoulder mounts = Sold
HIMALAYAN TAHR shoulder mount = POA
HONEY BADGER shoulder   mount POA
HYENA shoulder mount = no stock
IMPALA shoulder mounts = Sold
JACKAL shoulder mount = Sold
KLIPSPRINGER shoulder mount = R1,500
KUDU shoulder mounts = R3,700
LECHWE shoulder mount = On Request
LEOPARD shoulder mount = no stock
LION shoulder mount = no stock
LYNX / CARACAL shoulder mount = R1,700
MOUFLON shoulder mount = no stock
NYALA / SITATUNGA shoulder mount = on request
ORIBI shoulder mount = on request
REEDBUCK COMMON shoulder mounts = Sold
REEDBUCK MT. shoulder mount = Sold
RHINOCEROS shoulder mount   = Sold
Fibreglass on req
1 RHINO shoulder mount with real skin fibreglass horns Sold
ROAN shoulder mount = on request
SABLE shoulder mount = on request
SERVAL shoulder mount = Sold
SPRINGBUCK shoulder mount = Sold
SPRINGHARE shoulder mount POA
STEENBOK shoulder mount = Sold
TSESSEBE shoulder mount = on request
VAALRIBBOK shoulder mount = Sold
VERVET MONKEY shoulder mount = Sold
WARTHOG shoulder mount = Sold
WATERBUCK shoulder mount = Sold
WILDEBEEST BLACK shoulder mount = Sold
WILDEBEEST BLUE shoulder mount = Sold
ZEBRA shoulder mount(No taxidermy stock items left – normal priced item) Sold

We have only 1 Rhino trophy made with real rhino skin for sale. This is a shoulder mount, but please note the horns are fibreglass. Please see photo below. Price for this rhino trophy(real skin) is Sold excl vat.

foto van Renoster skouer trofee te koop regte vel

Renoster skouer trofee te koop – regte vel


Next step is to ask us for the specific animals you want, and we’ll dust off one or 2. Then send you a photo for the OK.
When you decide to go ahead we’ll do an invoice and confirm that animal(s) as yours.

In the case where we have no more mounts left, we’ll go to the containers and get started on new stock, so you can pre-order also.

Please email us at: trophies@wildlife4sale.CO.ZA


For open mouth mounts an additional R350 will be charged.
For crating of trophies an additional 10% will be charged.
Any additional TOPS or CITES permits needed will be charged accordingly.


The 10% charged for crating of the animals are for your own protection. It is pointless to buy the most stunning trophy and the couriers destroy it for you. We can arrange a local courier for you, but actually prefer that you use your own trusted courier and pay the transport costs to them directly.

Q: Can we buy a Rhino trophy with real horns?

OK, you want some more info?

Q: Why are these prices so low?
A: Uncollected mounts are ‘dead’ money – so the taxidermies are recovering costs. (Wages were paid already for work on your new trophy)

Q: Why uncollected?
A: When the hunters arrive for a hunting trip, they have big dreams and a budget. Every last animal harvested by them is then sent to the taxidermy. The curing process takes time and a few months later when the mounts are ready, that budget is gone. The lucky ones still take a few of the trophies and abandon the rest — And that is just your luck…

Q: Aftercare?
– No direct sunlight, the UV rays are bad. (No excessive heat)
– Humidity also not the best for a skin( not the end of the world, as long as it is not damp).
– Moths and bugs – Keep the dust off and at least anually anti-bug/moth your trophy room and animals.
– Use wet towel and water to wipe horns. (Oil can darken the horns unnaturally – the taxidermist already oiled it for you).
– Check that the bolts/ankers in the wall are still secure.
– When hanging/removing the trophy, have someone help you. Otherwise 1 hand at bottom(not neck)/1 on base of a horn(for antelope).
– Vacume with soft brush extention, and follow flow of hair
– (Google web for trophy mount care and read a FEW POSTS BEFORE doing anything to your new precious)

Q: Elephant and Rhino trophies?
A: NO, we can build a fibreglass replica of your harvested animal.

Q: Lions, Leopards and Tigers:
A: We do get some these animals from time to time, but if you pay the full hunt price we can go and shoot one for you and mount it.
(Having said that, still email us if you need one. We’ll keep your name on file. If permits to your country can be issued.)

Q: Can we arrange with you to be our animal taxidermy in Africa – for our trophies?
A: Yes, but check with your PH(Professional Hunter) first, they normally have their own arrangements. We’ll supply her with all the details.

Q: Do you have skull mounts available?
A: Yes – what do you need?.

Kudu Shoulder mounts for sale photo

Kudu Shoulder mounts for sale


Q: Who first thought of stuffing and mounting animals?
A: The name ‘taxidermy’ is from the Greek for “taxi” and “derma”, which means arrangement of skin. It is an art believed to go back many centuries. The Egyptians mummified their cats, dogs and other animals when they died although this wouldn’t be classified as traditional taxidermy. Primitive hunter-gatherers recorded their hunting trophies but their preservation techniques were poor so we have no clear record of the details. We do know they shaped animal skins over mud and rock for use in their hunting rituals and that the resident tanner became a very important member of the tribe as taxidermy became more and more important.

Q: When did displaying stuffed animals become fashionable as décor inside houses?
A: During the Victorian Era (1837-1901)… People were travelling more and when they came home they wanted a memento of their experience. Museums also started using mountings in their displays. The art of ‘anthropomorphic’ taxidermy become popular – this is where animals are mounted in human poses rather than animal poses. The displaying of animals in homes and museums went hand in hand with the (then popular) Western view that humans were superior to animals. Nowadays anatomical perfection and behavioural realism is prefered by hunters.

Q: Ever thought of living out your creativity and become a taxidermist?
A: That it’s not an easy job! It involves working with chemicals that smell, often in difficult conditions and its hard work! If you can handle these things, you should be a lover of natural animal body shapes, have good observation skills and be creative – there is an art to being a great taxidermist(animal artistry is also about the study of the animal anatomy). Still, the rewards are plentiful.

Q: Are there any famous female Taxidermists?
A: Yes, there is actually a famous US taxidermy “innovator” called Martha Ann Maxwell (1831-1881). Martha was a field naturalist who found and prepared her own samples. She stared by being inspired by a local taxidermist, who she copied, and then she moved on to skinning animals herself and being more artistic with her mounts. She hunted and came up with her own ideas for skin preserving and mounting. Her work actually forms the basis of the taxidermy we know today. Interestingly, Martha was a lifelong vegetarian.

Q: What is officially the oldest animal preserved and mounted by taxidermy?
A: There is a rhinoceros in a museum in Italy that is estimated to be from the 16th century. Amazingly, the rhino is still very well preserved.

Q: Who buys these stuffed animals?
A: As Taxidermy is for the hunting enthusiast, we find hunters looking for a replacement to be at the top spot. For whatever reason: misplaced animals, removal people breaking/losing horns and ears, ex wife always hated it but still took half(and dumped it somewhere),.
— Then in second place, is the dealers in trophies – buying directly from us and selling to 1st group or to tourists(homeowners for decor).
— Museums/zoos have life-like displays for people less fortunate to visit and touch real animals in nature or a kids petting zoo. (Or for school kids to study with their research projects)

Q: Where can these ‘trophy bones’ be placed?
A: Wall mounts or Pedestal mounts. For Pedestal mounts the back of the shoulders are actually closed of with the animal skin, so on pedestals they are great as a decoration. Just add some very cool lighting and use mirrors to add depth. Please note that pedestal mounts usually have a different shape at the back also, as to not just end flat as for a wall animal.

Q: Which way is the trophy looking if we want to order something specific?
A: Put your back against the wall(same as animal) and the direction you look in, is the direction the animal faces. Then you tell whether it is a slight bend, sharp bend or a straight mount.
— slight bend left (so the animal is facing left slightly)
— sharp bend right(so animal is facing right at a sharper angle – more towards 90 degrees)

Q: How long will it take to produce a mounted trophy from un-finished stock items?
A: 1 Month(30 days) – If you need an animal to look in a specific direction and we don’t have completed stock, give us the order and 1 month later we’ll have your new trophy ready. (Please note this is for capes/animals we have already – they’re just not finished). Some animals might just need 2 or 3 days to be touched up.

Q: Enrique Gomez De Molina – ever heard of him?
A: We don’t judge, but we don’t have any creatures/taxidermy-hybrids like this available. Google his name for pics.





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