Takbokke te koop 2020 – Fallow deer for sale 2020


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CountrySouth Africa


Takbokke te koop 2020 – Fallow deer for sale 2020

Indien u belangstel om enige wild via ons Netwerk te bemark, kontak ons gerus enige tyd.
Please feel free to contact us in advance if you want to buy or sell animals via our Network.

Marco Claassens
(074) 766 8497

The Wildlife Team – South Africa



Takbokke beskikbaar op bestelling



SOLD: 04 April 2018: 40 x Takbokke Beskikbaar @ R 4 500 excl. Btw Stuk en 3% Kommisie.

Marco Claassens

(074) 766 8497



—–Animals below this line NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE – pre-2017:



Sold: 12 Julie 2017:  Swart Takbokke is tans beskikbaar in Kroonstad .

Alle pryse op die diere is excl BTW Stuk. Gelaai op eie vervoer , vervoer kan ook gereel word teen ekstra koste.

5 x Swart Takbok ooie @ R4 300 Stuk

Bitter Mooi Bokke .





—–Animals below this line NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE – pre-2016:

FEB. 2016 – All previous prices removed.


Vanaf 27 Julie: Takbokke 2 ramme en 8 ooie te koop, pasief gevang  –  gelaai Bedford/Cradock.

(These fallow deer will be kept in a small camp for at least a week before collection).

22 Julie: 8 x Takbok ramme te koop, (met vol horings)  – op boma Bethlehem.

22 Julie: 15 x Bruin Takbokke te koop  – Gelaai op eie vervoer in JHB.

300 Gemeng wit en bruinTakbok ramme te koop  – Minimum 20 – gelaai Wes Vrystaat. (Gemeng wit en bruin).

300 Mixed white and brown Fallow deer rams for sale  – Minimum 20 – loaded Western Freestate. (Mixed white and brown).

If you have any Fallow deer or other species available to sell,  please contact us.

Photo: Black Fallow deer for sale

Black Fallow deer for sale

Swart takbokke te koop(SWART Ramme en Ooie) –  Gelaai Wes Vrystaat. (Ons 3% ingesluit – direk van eienaar).

(The black deer are in the photo at the back. Quantities negotiate.).

Black Fallow deer for sale(Rams and Ewes) – Loaded WesternFreestate. (Our 3% is included – direct from owner).

For orders of minimum 20 fallow deer RAMS, we have a pre-hunting season special (Excl vat, loaded Western Free state). Only Brown and White fallow rams  – minimum 20.

No golden ones available from this catch.


The horns will be growing during February, so by March they will be ready for hunting. By end April the rams start fighting and then horns get broken and it is all downhill from there for them).


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