Springbuck Breeding groups for sale 2020 – Copper, White and Black Kalahari split 2020


Which Area

CitySteynsburg, Eastern Cape
CountrySouth Africa


Springbuck Breeding groups for sale 2020 – New catches all the time – let us know if you need.

Indien u belangstel om enige wild via ons Netwerk te bemark, kontak ons gerus enige tyd.
Please feel free to contact us in advance if you want to buy or sell animals via our Network.


Marco  Claassens

(074) 766 8497

The Wildlife Team – South Africa


Laatweet as daar enige navrae oor Springbok Familie groepe is. Nuwe vang datums sal deurgegee word.


—–Animals below this line NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE – pre-2016:

FEB. 2016 – All previous prices removed.


Sold: Kalahari Springbokke beskikbaar op bestelling, Noord Kaap, Vrystaat

Sold:  Volgende Springbokke word gevang  op Van Zylsrus.

Kontak Marco vir enige bestellings  by 074 766 8497

Alle pryse op die diere is excl. 3% + BTW Stuk. Gelaai op eie vervoer. Aflewering kan gereel word teen ekstra koste.

Sold: 60 x Springbokke (Teel Diere R 1 800 – Trofee Diere R 1 800)



Sold: 500 x Springbok ooie te koop (Karoo) – Noord Kaap.

Sold: Kalahari Springbokke te koop


Sold: Groot Kalahari Springbok ooie te koop – Op Boma Vrystaat.

photo: Kalahari Springbok ooie te koop

Kalahari Springbok ooie te koop

photo Kalahari Sprinbok ooie

Kalahari Sprinbok ooie

pic Kalahari Springbuck ewes for sale

Kalahari Springbuck ewes for sale

photos Kalahari Springbuck for sale

Kalahari Springbuck for sale

Sold: 20 x Gewone Kalahari Springbok ooie te koop, (Ooie gedek deur ‘n koper springbok ram)  – Gelaai op eie vervoer Noord Kaap.

Sold: Swart Springbok ram te koop – Bloemhof/Noord Wes.
Sold: Kalahari Springbok ramme te koop – Bloemhof/Noord Wes.
Sold: Wit Springbok ramme te koop  – Bloemhof/Noord Wes.
Sold: Gewone Springbok ramme te koop – Bloemhof/Noord Wes.
( Al die Springbokke word enkel chemies gevang soos nodig).


from 15 May 2015:
Sold: 400 x Springbokke te koop – 70km buite Prieska.
Net springbok ooie, minimum  10
Teel diere gemeng 2 plus 8
Ooie minder as 10
Jong ramme
Trofee ramme
(Vervoer R26 vrag km – met groot wa R30/km).

Both Haloperidol and Stressnil will be used.

Sold: 400 x Springbuck for sale – 70km outside Prieska.
Springbuck ewes ONLY – 10 and more
Family animals 2 male and 8 female
Ewes less than 10
Young rams
Trophy rams
(Transport at R26 load km – with wagon R30/load km).

Sold: 14 May 2015: 1 x Jules Theron Springbuck ram for sale,( 4 yrs old Measuring 14 1/2 ” inches bases 5 7/8″ inches) – Fouriesburg
(Tagged on the veld in a 127 ha camp and will need to be darted. We are open to offers on this buck).


Pre 2015 below here:

For springbuck a family Group is normally 30/70 – 3 male and 7 female. (3+7). It differ from capture team to capture team and farmer to farmer.

Sold: Adult Copper springbuck: 2 + 8 from the Eastern Cape 20 June 2014

Sold: White springbuck:  loaded Northern Cape.

Sold: Black Kalahari splits:   Breeding group is 2 split male plus 5 split female and 1 black female. (2+6)


Sold: Also available: 2 bottle tame white springbuck males for sale

All the springbuck are bottle tame – please note ages can differ between catching intervals.

Only breeding group as a whole can be bought. Please have a chat with us – just fill in your details on the right.



Please supply your name/telephone number and area


Marco Claassens – (074) 766 8497

The Wildlife Team – South Africa
www.WildTeKoop.co.za – Classifieds (Wildlife for sale)






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