Ostriches for sale 2020 – Volstruise te koop 2020


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Ostriches for sale 2020 – Volstruise te koop 2020:

Indien u belangstel om enige wild via ons netwerk te bemark, kontak ons gerus enige tyd.
Please feel free to contact us in advance if you want to buy or sell animals via our network.

Marco  Claassens

(074) 766 8497



Volstruise beskikbaar op bestelling



SOLD: 18 April 2018: 10 x 8 Maande Oue Volstruise beskikbaar @ R1 500 excl. BTW Stuk

Gelaaide prys in die Hennenman omgewing, word Vrydag die 20 ste gevang

Kontak my vir enige bestelling


074 766 8497


Volstruise te koop

Volstruise te koop




Sold:  Volgende Volstruise word gevang op Van Zylsrus.

Alle pryse op die diere is excl. 3% + BTW Stuk. Gelaai op eie vervoer. Aflewering kan gereel word teen ekstra koste.

Sold: 40 x Volstruise (Teel Diere R 1 500 – Trofee Diere R 1 500)


—–Animals below this line NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE – pre-2016:

FEB. 2016 – All previous prices removed.


Sold: 31 July 2015: Ostriches for sale, (10 months old Tame, hand reared, healthy and strong)   – Ficksburg area.

photo Ostriches for sale

Ostriches for sale

Ostriches for sale to breed, hunt or as farm protection. Volwasse Volstruise te koop vir broei, jag of as plaas beskerming. Laat weet gerus as julle wil volstruise verkoop ook. Al vang julle self en ons help net met die bemarking via ons wilds network.

Please talk to nature conservation before buying any ostriches. With the bird flu going around, the rules changed a lot regarding these birds. This is to protect the ostrich industry in South Africa, as we were banned from exporting our ostrich meat for a few years recently.

For domesticated ostrich farming you need to even decontaminate vehicles before they can enter the premises. (If you follow the handbook with standards and regulations to be whitelisted as an exporter from SA).

The World Ostrich Association have loads of info – World-Ostrich.org (opens in new tab/window)

Volstruise te koop - Ostriches for sale

Volstruise te koop – Ostriches for sale


Kontak ons gerus – vul asb. u email en telefoon nommer regs in of email ons:


Please supply your name/telephone number and area.


Marco Claassens – (074) 766 8497





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