DNA Suiwer Bontebokke te koop 2020 – DNA Pure Bontebuck for sale 2020


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CountrySouth Africa


Suiwer Bontebokke te koop 2020 – Pure Bontebuck for sale 2020:

Indien u belangstel om enige wild via ons Netwerk te bemark, kontak ons gerus enige tyd.
Please feel free to contact us in advance if you want to buy or sell animals via our Network.


Marco  Claassens

(074) 766 8497

The Wildlife Team – South Africa



—–Animals below this line NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE – pre-2016:

FEB. 2016 – All previous prices removed.


Sold: Bontebok pakkies te koop, Pakkies van 1/4 of net los ooie met DNA en gemicro chip – vervoer beskikbaar.

Sold: Bontebok Pakkies te koop, (1/3)   – Vrystaat.
(Gelaai op eie vervoer).

Sold: Bontebok Pakket te koop, ( bestaan uit 7 ooie en 2 ramme)  – Bloemfontein area.
(Die Bontebokke het mikro-skyfies en is DNA gesertifiseer).

Sold: Bontebuck for sale – 2 x Males and 5 x Females (1 year old – DNA done chipped and tagged)
Loaded Eastern Cape / Steynsburg.

Sold: Bontebuck ewes for sale,(Choose from a herd of 60) – Reddersburg Free state.
(Already chipped and tagged).


Sold: 10 x Bontebok ooie te koop  –  gelaai op die koper se vervoer Bloemfontein.
(Bokke DNS gesertifiseer en ge-microchip).

photo Bontebokke te koop (1)

Bontebokke te koop (1)

photos Bontebokke te koop (2)

Bontebokke te koop (2)

photo: Bontebokke te koop (3)

Bontebokke te koop (3)

pic Bontebokke te koop (4)

Bontebokke te koop (4)

pics: Bontebokke te koop (5)

Bontebokke te koop (5)

pics: Bontebokke te koop (6)

Bontebokke te koop (6)

photo: Bontebokke te koop (7)

Bontebokke te koop (7)

Sold:  6 x Volwasse bontebokke ooie, 2 x jong ooie 2 x ramme 1 x jong en 1 x volwasse  – Gelaai op koper se vervoer – Nelspruit.

Sold: 4/16 Bontebokke te koop  – Gelaai Oos Kaap/Grahamstad.

Sold: Bontebok pakkies – 3 pakkies beskikbaar, 4 x ooie en 2 x ramme  – (Vrystaat).


Sold: 01 April 2015: 1 Bontebuck male(3 years old) and 4 female bontebok(young adults)  Tested last year on the stronger DNA test already, will be be bled again on catch when collecting Steynsburg, Eastern Cape.


Sold: 1 April 2015: pakkie 1 plus 2 – Southern Freestate(Bethulie).

For both options above and below the capture dates are May or June which should see the ewes pregnant.
1 April 2015: pakkie 2 plus 3 – Southern Freestate..(1 young of both sexes).
(These animals will be darted start May when it is cooler and delivery options from owner is available.)

Sold: 23 March: RW Bontebok ramme te koop, (3 en 4 jaar oud) – Staan op boma (Noord Kaap area).

photo Bontebok ramme - Bontebuck rams

Bontebok ramme – Bontebuck rams

photos: Bontebuck rams for sale

Bontebuck rams for sale

pics: Bontebok ramme te koop

Bontebok ramme te koop


Sold:  9 March 2015: 35 bontebokke – loaded Western Cape – Ratio 1 male 4 female.


March 2015: 2 males plus 4 females  – Grahamstown. ( – not sure if still available).

SOLD: 14 Feb 2015:  1 pakkie bontebokke van 1 manlik en 4 vroulik te koops sold . Grahamstad area.

Please remember if you buy Bontebok, that even if there are DNA certs available, blood must be taken again on capture.

The prices are still going up, with the current price per bontebuck ewe between sold. (The prediction for mid 2015 is already at sold per bontebok and if both Limpopo and Namibia accept Bontebok there will be not enough supply for all the demand and the prices will skyrocket – Might even go past Yellow blesbuck prices as there should shortly be more yellow blesbuck than bontebok in South Africa).

Why can’t I just buy the bontebok ewes? Because the ram is worth a lot less, the farmers will only sell parcels. What else can they do with the rams otherwise?

The newest trick is to sell 2 male and 4 females at full price, and “if you call us right now, for a limited time only, we’ll give you an extra male for free”.

Most farmers got big shocks last year(2014) when their DNA results came back and it shows hybrid animals and only a few pure Bontebok per herd. This kickstarted a trend to use pure Bontebok rams and female hybrids (Splits between bontebok and blesbok) to breed clean bontebuck herds in the future. Same as with the black impala from normal impala, it will take time, but the financial implications make it worth it. (A blesbuck goes for a few thousand and Bontebuck approaching R100K, work it out for yourself). Please note it is illegal according to Nature Concervation to have blesbuck and bontebuck in the same camp.


Please supply your name/telephone number and area.


Marco Claassens (074) 766 8497

The Wildlife Team – South Africa







—–Animals NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE – below:

SOLD: 40 x Bontebokke te koop sold excl btw elk, gelaai Wes Kaap. Julle TOPS permit moet klaar in plek wees. Diere word hierdie week gevang. Ons sal die vervoer permit reel, so dan kan die vangs dag of 2 uitgestel word terwyl ons wag vir papiere. T
(1 manlike en 9 vroulik volwasse diere. Alhoewel die ooie dragtig behoort te wees, word die extra onkoste en tyd van sertifisering nie aangegaan nie)

SOLD: 40 x Bontebuck for sale sold excl vat each, loaded Western Cape. Your TOPS permit must already be in place. Animals are caught this week, but if the transport permits take an extra day or 2 we’ll wait. Transport permits will be arranged by us. Transport itself can be arranged if you do not have your own.
(Adults – 1 male and 9 females per batch. This time of the year the female should be pregnant, but we sell them not as such.)



SOLD: WES KAAP: 12 Suiwer DNA bontebok ramme te koop vir nuwe bloedlyne – sold excl btw. Vervoer uitgesluit. Bloed en Papierwerk klaar gedoen. Hierdie is 1 van 2 skoon getoetse groepies bontebokke in die Wes Kaap en hulle het groot geword langs die see op fynbos en is aangepas vir al die siektes (wat diere van die binneland af  laat vrek).

Die diere is op Glentana(tussen George and Mosselbaai), en sal gevang en gelaai word op koper se vervoer.

photo Bontebuck Rams for sale - Bontebokke Ramme te koop

Bontebuck Rams for sale – Bontebok Ramme te koop

Sold: WESTERN CAPE: 12 Pure DNA bontebuck rams for sale for your new bloodline. Transport not included. Blood and Paperwork already done.

The animals are available in Glentana(Between George and Mossel Bay). and will be captured and loaded onto buyers transport.
These bontebok are from the same area for many years, so also adapted to live on the Western Cape south coast.

photo Bontebok Ramme te koop

Bontebok Ramme te koop





SOLD: Sept 2013 – 30 Bontebokke te koop, Noord Wes. sold. Bloodworks still in process on current deal, so considered sold..

SOLD: Aug 2013 – 17 Bontebokke (kan as 2 Groepe verkoop word) Oos Kaap.


—– From previous catch —
SOLD: 200 Bontebokke available in Eastern Cape from (Wednesday) 7 November 2012. sold each loaded excl vat. Non pregnant animals. DNA test done as captured, then animals in bomas until paperwork comes back…..
(people trying to move pregnant animals loose them due to stress – please beware)



Eastern Freestate pure bontbuck available loaded onto transport. DNA tested.

Oos Vrystaat bontebokke te koop, gelaai op transport. DNA getoets.

Info, vul in die vorm aan die regter kant asb.

Please supply your name/telephone number and area.


Marco Claassens – (074) 766 8497

The Wildlife Team – South Africa
Purebred bontebok for sale, with paperwork.



Bontebokke te koop

Bontebokke te koop – Bontebok for sale


This is a generic bontebok photo of animals sold previously.



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