BlouWildeBeeste te koop 2020 – Blue WildeBeest for sale 2020


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CountrySouth Africa


BlouWildeBeeste te koop 2020 – Blue WildeBeest for sale 2020:

Indien u belangstel om enige wild via ons Netwerk te bemark, kontak ons gerus enige tyd.
Please feel free to contact us in advance if you want to buy or sell animals via our Network.


Marco  Claassens

(074) 766 8497

The Wildlife Team – South Africa


Blou Wildebeeste beskikbaar op bestelling



—–Animals below this line NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE – pre-2016:

FEB. 2016 – All previous prices removed.


Sold: Volgende BWB word gevang op Van Zylsrus.

Alle pryse op die diere is excl. 3% + BTW Stuk. Gelaai op eie vervoer. Aflewering kan gereel word teen ekstra koste.

Sold: 400 x Blouwildebeeste (Teeldiere R 3 200 – Trofee Diere R 3 800)


Sold: 7 x Blou Wildebees bulle te koop – Steenbokpan.

Sold: 30 x Blou Wildebeeste te koop – Postmasburg – N/Kaap.
Prys is gelewer op koper se vervoer,(Vervoer kan ook gereel word teen @ R8 p/km lopend – Postmasburg – N/Kaap.

Sold: 3 September: 100 x Blouwildebeeste te koop   – Aflewering Kimberly.

Sold: 3 x F3 Blouwildebees koeie te koop, (Dragtig met Koning Rosekrans 29.8″ bul) – Gelaai Vrystaat.
Die bul se horings is op 2 jaar 7 maande gemeet.

photo F3 Blouwildebees koeie te koop

F3 Blouwildebees koeie te koop

photos: F3 Blue wildebeeste cows for sale

F3 Blue wildebeeste cows for sale

pic Wildebees koeie te koop

Wildebees koeie te koop

Sold: 30 x Tulie koeie  te koop, (Wat dragtig van die Koning Rosekrans)  – Vrystaat.

Sold: 30 x Blouwildebees koeie te koop, (Dragtig met 28″ Gouewildebees bul)  – Vrystaat.
(80% van koeie het positief getoets as Tulie koeie).

photo Blouwildebees koeie te koop

Blouwildebees koeie te koop

pic: Bluewildebees cows for sale

Bluewildebeeste cows for sale

Sold: 16 x BlouWildebeeste te koop  – op boma Bethlehem.

Sold: 30 wildebeest cows for sale  –  North West.

Sold: Split blouwildebees koeie te koop – Gelaai op koper se vervoer Stockpoort / Lephalale,Limpopo.

Sold: 100 x Blouwildebees koeie te koop – ( Marken area).

Sold: 1 x Blouwildebees bul F3 te koop – (Noord Kaap area).

photo Blouwildebeeste te koop

Blouwildebees bul te koop


Sold: Blouwildbees kalwers te koop  – (Noord Kaap area).

Sold: 30 x Blouwildebees Koeie te koop  – (Vryburg).

Sold: 50 x Tuli Blouwildebees koeie te koop  – (Limpopo area).


Sold: 9 x Blouwildebees kallers te koop 2 maande oud – Aflewering kan gereel word (Vryburg area).

Sold: 1 x 29″ Blue Wildebeest bull for sale – loaded Krugersdorp.

photo: Blue Wildebeest bull for sale

Blue Wildebeest bull for sale


Currently in Boma & ready to go.  His measurements are as follows:
·        Spread 29 inches
·        Right Boss 7.5 inches
·        Left Boss 7.5 inches
·        Inside left circumference 20 inches
·        Inside right circumference 20 inches
·        Scrotum 29cm


Please fill in your email and contact numbers on the right side or email us:

Please supply your name/telephone number and area


Marco Claassens – (074) 766 8497

The Wildlife Team – South Africa




— Pre-2015 below this line —–

Sold: April 2014: 150 Bluewildebeest  -Kimberley. 500km delivery included.
Sold: April 2014: 500 Blue Wildebeest  – North West.

Breeding group animals/Family Group animals. If you only want females or trophy male, please contact us for availability and prices.

Price includes delivery locally(500km) to the area unless otherwise stated.. Please have a chat with us about delivery and to confirm where these animals are caught next.

Delivery for 20 plus animals per load minimum. Excl vat per animal.(Campfire chat welcome).

If you need less than a full load, please talk to us about collecting the animals – or someone else might share a load with you.




Dankie, die wilds span – vir enige Wild te Koop en Wilds vang dienste – For all Game for sale and other wildlife services.

– Indien U minder as 20 diere soek, laat weet ons gerus. In so geval word U naam op ‘n lys geplaas en sodra daar ‘n vrag in U rigting gaan word gekyk of die diere saam gestuur kan word. Die prys vir minder as 20 wild is gewoonlik bietjie duurder.
– If you need lees than 20 animals, please let us know. In that case we put your name on the list, and when a load of animals are going into your direction, we see if we can send your game with. The price for less than 20 is normally a bit more expensive.




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